The Important Stages of Web Design

Stage 1 – Style over substance

What is the style? What are the users requirements? What are the features that the user wants? How does the design has to be designed? All these questions need to be answered? If the user wants an all interactive website then the entire website might be designed with the Flash content. The design has to be made clear, the path that is chosen to design has to be clear in the first stage.

So in this first stage you need to make sure that the requirements are gathered precisely, once you have them documented then you will be sure that every thing goes fine. When you are done collecting then you can have ask the of your website, a rough one a model that you can show to the client. Ask him if he wants this, if he will then he wilt ell you and if there are changes they will also tell you where to make some changes.

The purpose of the first step in web design is to

  • Make sure that you know what you are about to develop?
  • What you will use to develop?
  • How will you develop?

Stage 2 – Designing for online visibility

The next stage involves the fact that why is the website being designed? Every website is designed for the visibility or for the purpose of marketing. There is no other reason that the clients will want a web design. The only reason that the people need a website is that their business gets good audience, or gets a good recognition. It is the sole purpose of a websites.

In this phase the concern is about the things that will make sure the website stays on top of the search engines. During this stage of the web development the emphasis is given to the meta tags and stuff like that, SEO basically. It is the internal SEO not the external one. The internal SEO involves the inclusion of the keywords, certain tags and phrases that describe the website or the industry you are in. The keywords have to be placed strategically to get eh attention of the search engines.

Stage 3 – Designing for your audience

Well, this is somewhat similar to the stage 2 but the emphasis here is just for the audience not for the search engines also. The web design must be the one that has a lot of attractive features.

When we say that the web design has to be for the audience it means that the website that you develop must be very intuitive it must be easy to use. When it is not an easy to use website then it has no purpose at all. It has to be that easy so that the people visiting might be able to understand how to use it. This stage involves the development of the sitemap or the menus.

Stage 4 – Site redesign

When you have carefully made or developed your site, it is live, then the customer or your client might still want some changes, or there might be some run time errors, or the design might not be aligned when it goes live.

So, the site might be the one that needs to be redesigned. In this phase after the completion of the website it is redesigned so that the errors are taken away the problems are solve, all the problems of the design are solved in this stage.

Well a website that is well written, well coded and most importantly well designed and well optimized is the one that will be successful. It will give you the results that you were looking for.