Quit Smoking: 10 Ways to Get Rid of Cigarette Addiction

How to Quit Smoking

Majority of smokers want to quit smoking but they fail to do so. Because their brain some how finds a reason to smoke a cigarette. We think that smoking addiction is quite strong and it is hard to control them but that is wrong. Our brain is multiple times powerful and stronger we just have to take the responsibility. If you are reading this article that’s mean you want to quit smoking and if you are going to take your responsibility than this article is going to help you.

In this article, I will give you some tips that will help you to get rid of smoking addiction and will give you healthy life style.

Before starting the tips, I will share a short information with you.

When you smoke a cigarette, you take in nicotine that releases dopamine chemical in your brain. Because of releasing dopamine and similar type of chemicals your brain feels relaxed. Your stress and anxiety get lower and you start feeling good.  Afterwards, your brain wants to experience the same feeling again and again. And then your smoking cycle starts and sooner your brain become habitual of nicotine. Your brain asks for more and more and it’s become your addiction.

You think that you smoke you feel relaxed but the fact is that you are addicted to nicotine. When you smoke your addiction is satisfied that’s why you feel better. Means in order to release dopamine from you own brain you make artificial lead/stress by spending money and making health worst

If we have the capability to get addiction we also have to capability to get rid of it. Following are the ten tips that will help you get rid of smoking addiction,


Set A Target Date for Quitting

Target Date

First of all decide a date that no matter what I will quit smoking. Do not set this date too early that you could not even give time to yourself and not too late that you just forget it completely.

Take Support From Friends

Take support

You have not started this habit alone so do not finish it alone. Tell your friends that you want to quit smoking so that they will not insist you for smoking and support you for quitting it. Some of your friends supported you to start smoking, so some will help you to quit it. Whenever you feel restless you can call them and take support from them.

Handle Challenges

Handle Challenge

From a research point of view when you quit smoking, for first two or three days, you have 6 times craving for the cigarette and this craving stays for three minutes. So this means you have 6 Times * 3 Minutes = 18 Minutes of a challenge. You need a super control of 18 Minutes for 3 days and sooner your control will be increased and your craving will be decreased. I know this is a challenge but if you won’t accept this challenge sooner or later you will have to accept bigger challenges related to your health. So instead of accepting bigger challenges, it better to accept a smaller one and confirm your win.

Make A Smoke Free Environment

Smoke Free Environment

In your home, car and around yourself make a supportive environment. From your room or home get rid of lighters, ashtrays, cigarette etc. And one more thing don’t  get rid of remaining cigarette by smoking them, get rid of them by throwing them. 🙂

Empty Hands

Empty Hand

If you smoke one box of cigarette every day, it means that every day around 250 times your hand goes to your mouth. Psychologically you get a habit of hand to mouth. And when you do not do it you will be feeling something missing and your mind might feel restless. So for starting days just pretend it that you are smoking cigarette breath the same way when you used to smoke. After doing that your mind will feel better.

Another alternative is that you can have some healthy options like dry fruits or have a water bottle around you. So whenever you feel restless drink water

Trigger Moments

Trigger Moments

Smoking has some trigger moments means those moments remind you to take action. Like some people have a habit to smoke on office break time. So if you are standing on that break time with those people whom you used to have a cigarette with, chances are that you will get triggered and won’t be able to control yourself. In those scenarios try to engage yourself in something else like on break time you can have a phone call and distract yourself from smoking.

On those places where you smoke, these places can become a trigger moment for you so for some time trying to avoid those places.

Similar some people have carving right after having food. So it’s better to let go one old habit and have a new one. So for example after having food go for a walk.

New Relationships

New Realtionships

If you want to break on old relation you should make a new one. So make a new better and healthy relation. For example, make a new relation with gym, walking, fruit, salad or with a friend who needs you.

No Excuses

No Excuses

Seriously stop giving excuses to yourself and others, that why are you not able to quit smoking.

Focus On The Benefits


If you are quitting smoke there are some benefits. Make a list of those reasons, why I am quitting smoke. For example, better health, longer life, more saving etc.

Keep this list in your room or phone. This list will remind you that your decision is right and you have to stand on your decision. Here are The Top 5 Quit Smoking Benefits

Do Not Give Up

Never Give Up

Initially, if you get failed, find out the reason why you failed to quit smoking. Work on that reason, find the solution and then start again. Those reasons will teach you and help you to achieve your goals if and only if you do not give up.

In the beginning, you will face problems like craving, hunger, lack of sleep but remember these problems are very small in front of your willpower. So, whatever happens, do not give up.

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