The New Prime Minister Says: Nawaz Sharif Is Not Guilty Of Corruption

On 1st august 2017 a session of parliament was held in order to elect the new prime minister of Islamic republic of Pakistan. The event was held following the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif on the bases of corruption in the panama leaks case.

The candidate for prime ministerial election of Pml-N was Shahid Khakan Abbasi, following the candidate of PTI Sheikh Rasheed, and candidate of PPP Naveed Qamar. Shahid Khakan Abbasi was elected after receiving a dominant majority of 221 votes over Naveed Qamar’s 47 and sheikh rasheed’s 33 votes.


18th prime minister of Pakistan- Shahid Khakan Abbasi

First Speech of New Prime Minister

In this first speech in the session of parliament he addressed the speaker and thanked Nawaz Sharif and Pml-N members for giving him a chance to sit on this seat. He later on thanked Imran Khan and his party PTI for abusing him and his party Pml-N’s member in their daily talk.

In his speech he said: The decision given by the Supreme Court 4 days earlier is not accepted by the nation. The court stated him guilty and as so he took the order to this foremost and left the PM house. No legal expert is accepting this decision correct. He stated that after the judgment of the court no MNA has left the party. We are still united, there is no difference in the party and we stand behind Nawaz Sharif. While his speech there were continuous cross comments and disturbance that were raising from the opposition side. On the other hand Shahid Khakan Abbasi taunting the opposition said: I know what they are doing and I can do it better than them. Fortunately this is not how I am raised. I have been taught that every bad comment should be answered politely. He promised that within 4 days he would bring the democracy in this nation on track.

Nawaz Sharif is corruption free said: New Prime Minister

Moving on he said: I am a witness of Nawaz Sharif has never said us to do corruption. The Man sitting on the right located from Rawalpindi (Sheikh Rasheed) will also be a witness that Nawaz Sharif has never said nor did corruption. Sheikh Rasheed has been the minister of Nawaz government for many years. Taking that in mind he asked him: you also would be a witness. Further he said: if I would have even seen a bit of corruption in him I would not have been standing here.

He had his speech full of speculation for each and every person that has been pulling their legs since the Nawaz disqualification. He precisely took former Army General Pervez Musharaf stating him the most corrupt man. He went on and on saying Nawaz Sharif as a non-corrupt politician that has always helped the citizens of Pakistan. The speech full of flowers for Nawaz Sharif was taken as a foolish act done by him as said by many political experts and reporters.

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