Stop Smoking: Health Benefits of Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking can be a tough task. Any one who has tried can relate to that but there is permanent reward for giving up this habit. Here are top five quit smoking benefits.

Better Sex Lifebetter sex life

When you stop smoking your blood circulation improves. This entirely improves sensitivity and subsequently better erection and orgasm. Non-smokers not only have more sexual pleasure but also have more pulling power. According to the survey, non-smokers are three times more appealing to respective partners than smokers, perhaps due to the fresh smell.

Less StressLess Stress

Most smokers are dependent on smoking to release their stress but the fact is smoking does not relieve stress, it creates more anxiety and tension. Nicotine in cigarette cause unnecessary stress. Quitting will actually lower your stress level because the stress level of smokers is slightly higher than non-smokers.

Improved Senses of Smell and TasteSense of Smell and Taste

Because of hundreds of toxic chemicals found in the cigarette which does not only damages your mouth but also cause zinc deficiency which is one of the causes that triggers taste disorders.
But the good thing is when you quit smoking, it takes around a short period of time for nicotine to remove from your body and at the same time your neurotransmission will return back to normal and your five sense will be improved.

More Energy

More Energy

Quitting smoking has a direct improvement on your circulation, making physical activity much easier. You will also see improvement in the immune system making it easier to fight infections.

Healthier Loved OnesHealthier Loved Ones

Think about your family and friends, secondary smoke is not just unpleasant for non-smokers but it also increases the risk of heart disease and strokes. Secondary smoke doubles the risk of chest illnesses for children and trebles the risk of lung cancer in later life.

Are these reasons enough for you to forget the cancer stick?

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